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Why Use Our Service? The Long Story. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Thursday, 12 February 2009 23:07

Taobao.com is the most popular C2C e-commerce site in China. It has all sorts of things for sale at unbelievable prices. Here are some examples: Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4.

Unlike B2B e-commerce site like Alibaba.com, where the businesses have English speaking employees, most of the sellers in Taobao are individuals who are most likely not well versed in English. So unless you know Chinese, mis-communication is bound to happen and money will be wasted as a result.

Because Taobao.com is China's domestic online shopping mall catering mainly to the domestic market, many of the sellers have no experience in international shipping. Even if they do international shipping, you may be buying from many different sellers, and you will not be able to save shipping cost from combined shipping.

Credit card has yet to penetrate China to the extent that it can be a common online payment method, so most online stores in China do not accept VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Taobao utilizes its own payment system, Alipay.com. To conduct a transaction using AliPay, a buyer first sends his payment to an AliPay account, where it is held in escrow. Once the buyer indicates that the product has been received, the money is transferred from AliPay to the seller. With Alibaba's full guarantee for each AliPay transaction, buyers and sellers may transact online with confidence. However, unless you have an internet banking account with one of the major banks in China, you will not be able to use Alipay.

For international shoppers, to order something from Taobao or any other China's online mall, you will need someone in China to help you order and send it to you. The most obvious choice is to ask your China friend to do that for you, if your friend has some online shopping experience. You can also join the occasional Taobao shopping sprees organized in some online forums, but such sprees usually have time limit and commission fee. There is also the problem of the authenticity of the organizer.

If you have a seller who can take your payment, and you have no problem communicating with him / her, and he / she is willing to ship overseas, then dealing with the seller directly may seem to be the obvious choice. But having an intermediary may save you time and money, below are the benefits, just to name a few:

  • Experience in dealing with Chinese sellers, overseas buyers may not know the quirks of Chinese mentality.
  • Consolidate all orders from different sellers, enjoy the benefit of combined shipping.
  • Review goods defects or shipment error locally first, if return is required, shipping cost will be minimal.
Most importantly, I am confident that you will find our service to be convenient for you to order from China. Happy spreeing!
Last Updated ( Monday, 25 October 2010 13:19 )