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Sad News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 21:10

Tidbit took emergency off since Tuesday morning, due to her grandpa's failing health.

We just received news that her grandpa had left for God's embrace.

We do not know much detail since she was very brief.

But we feel very sorry and sad for her. Our deepest condolences go to her.

May Tidbit's grandpa rest in peace.



Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 June 2010 16:10 )
A Dark Time PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Sunday, 20 September 2009 03:15

Dear all,


I'm writing this with a very heavy heart.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer several days ago.

My brain is quite blank now so I'll keep this short.

For the past few days, I was lagging behind my work here, but I beg for your kind understanding and forgiveness.

My assistants are working hard, but there is only so much they can do with me being the bottleneck here.

Also, the 60th Anniversary Nation Day for China is approaching, so everything here will come to a halt very soon.

I've decided to temporarily stop accepting new orders, from the 22nd September 2009 onwards till 9th October 2009. So please submit before 23:59:59 on 21st if it is urgent.

If your order is ongoing and not complete before 26th September, most likely it will have to wait till 9th October to continue with it.

All international delivery will stop from 27th September till 9th October. So if your order is complete and we've asked for your shipping payment, please do so before 25th September.

Again, I apologize for not providing top-notch service here for these few days.

But PLEASE pray for my mom if you have a minute to spare. Thank you so much!


With kind regards



Testimonials PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Saturday, 09 May 2009 11:45

Running TaobaoNow is very satisfying. Not only because the business is growing, but more because my customers are happy with our service. As a principle, I never ask any customer to write testimonials, as I find such testimonials forceful, not to mention the pressure you might feel if I ask you to write something good about us.

But I received so many compliments, that I find it hard not to boast just a little. These compliments are so heartfelt, as they were written in the responses while we were doing the ordering. If you are the owner of any particular quote, you can comment on this article. No need to write anything else, as I wouldn't want you to go out your way to say good things about us, a simple acknowledgment will be more than enough. If you want your quote to be removed, please let me know.


Bernardo from Brazil:

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009 04:38:30

Even though you don't sleep, Charles, I like you, you are very thorough and always get me more info than I could ask for. You go the extra mile, and once I get my hands on these babies I'm buying, I'll be sure to send like-minded overseas buyers your way for similar products.

On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 19:53:33

I am speechless as to this stage of your excellent service. You've set the bar up high and surpassed it, I feel lucky guessing delivery like yours is hard to find in this business.


Karyan from United Kingdom:

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 15:05:56

I love this service!


Professional service provided everytime!!


Amanda from Singapore:

On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 20:41:48

Hi just wondering if you have a feedback corner, your service deserves a praise, this way more people would feel at ease when ordering with you.


Vanessa from Singapore:

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 23:30:45

Thank you for providing great services & super user friendly website.


Ryan from United States:

On Fri, 08 May 2009 00:04:16

I cant thank you enough for the service you've provided, top quality. I am really looking forward to using your service again. Cant wait to see my package :D


Richard from United States:

On Sat, 09 May 2009 03:39:00

Charles! Man you guys are great! I love your service! How long do you think before the last couple of items arrive so that I have an idea when we will be able to have the orders shipped out? I can't wait to get this stuff! :) It's so much fun shopping with you guys!




Thank you all very much for these kind words! Encouragements like these drive me to do it better! You guys are awesome!


Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 May 2009 12:37 )
The Life of a Taobao Seller PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Saturday, 09 May 2009 00:47
Bargain on Taobao

It's been several days since my last post.

I have always wanted to share the experiences as a Taobao agent. But your love for our service have always kept me so busy that I don't even have time for proper sleep and meals. Some of you will notice that my responses are round the clock, and yes, I have very little sleep recently.

But today, I can no longer suppress the little voice in my heart. And for the good of everybody, including you, I have to take time off to write this post.

Recently, I received more and more orders requesting us to bargain with the sellers. I can totally understand that as buyers, we often wish to get the biggest bang for the buck. In fact, if you order a large quantity of the same item from a seller with at least a "Crown" on their reputation, I would often ask if they have any wholesale price. If they do, as many of you already know, I would not silently swallow it without your knowledge. I would pass on the savings to you.

But many sellers on Taobao are just beginners or part-time businesses. The average income of a worker here is only around a few hundred yuan to just over a thousand yuan per month. This is the very reason why you find the prices on Taobao are so attractive, because the factories are able to hire hardworking workers with relatively low cost. The current economic downturn has affected many factories and businesses, which in turn laid off many workers. Quite a few of these jobless workers struggle to survive. A resourceful few may turn to Taobao to see if they can make ends meet by selling the items they have bought cheaply from bankrupt factories (or even given by their employers as compensation, that's rumours though).

Taobao is a cut-throat market place for sellers. It's a buyers market. All items prices are listed and  search results can be sort by prices, as many of you have often used that feature. This convenient feature for buyers is in fact a killer for the sellers. Everyone with the same item try to outsell each other by lowering the price, it also has the side effect of encouraging sellers to sell items that do not match the description or photos on their listed pages.

The famous Taobao reputation system, is a two-edged sword. Those who have high reputation, have too many customers that their customer service quality is below the average novices or beginners. They have already attained the heavenly status so they hire robots as their customer service representatives. Their process is efficient, their replies are quick, their responses are cut-and-paste pre-defined scripts and if you try to chat with them thinking that they are human beings, you will get very confused responses as if you asked the computer to divide something by zero. I had more successful conversation with Alice the robot.

The beginners or novices or veterans or even some "Your Highnesses" are very accomodating. Their service is personal, and they would bend their backs 180 degree backwards just to make you happy. As a professional Taobao buyer, I am always very understanding if they admit the mistakes they made, and they often will do it right so as to avoid the black flower, which is like a thorned whip on their backs. Many of those who attained the heavenly status never admit their mistakes as they have the die-hard believe that robots don't make mistakes, and their status earned them the immortal elephant skin on their backs because a tiny black flower whip, with no matter how many thorns on it, have absolutely no effect on their astronomical good reputation number (it's a simple mathematic ratio thing).

In the beginning, I had advised buyers not to trust sellers with lower reputation. But as my experiences grow, now I have to admit I was at least partly wrong. I have the smoothest transactions with novices and veterans, slower responses from beginners (who are mostly part-time or their business volume is too low to warrant full-time attention), but the highest ratio of unsatisfactory transactions are from those heavenly beings. Anyway, enough about these deities. Lets talk about the real human beings.

These novices and veterans, are very hard working. They often were labourers before, who dared to venture out to the online world to make a living. Their expectation of their businesses is simply to replace what they've been making as labourers, maybe more, but not by much. Most are simply just breaking even so as to get more sales volume to gain more reputation, and thereby, have a easier time selling on Taobao. With the transparent pricing (as oppose to eBay's bidding system) and cumulative reputation system, these sellers are not making huge profits from their sales. Instead, they maybe making a decent living but you wouldn't be too eager to have their jobs.

I appreciate your continual support for our service. Not only because you are giving your businesses to me, but also because you are making a difference in the lives of these hardworking sellers who bring you the best prices in the world. I implore you not to ask me to bargain with them. Judge me if you will (because I cannot deny that there is a conflict of interest here, but if you do think that I am saying this only because of this conflict, I can sincerely tell you that it is an absolute insult to my character), call me soft hearted if you will, but please don't tell me to bargain with them. If you find that I am unreasonable, you are welcome to seek other agents (I don't deny their existence and I respect competitions).

They deserve the little profit they are trying to make. Believe me, if they can really make some decent profit, their service will be better and better. In the end, you benefit from it because if returns or exchanges are required, they will be much willing to do so because they can cover these costs with the profits. If you deny them this little income they are trying to make, any return or exchange request will be met with unhappy responses or difficulties.

Thank you for your time for reading this. Your comments and responses are welcome.







Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 May 2009 12:58 )
The Labour's Day Golden Week PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator TaobaoNow   
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 18:43

The gears of China are coming to a halt this week.

You may find the responses from sellers are getting slow or even unresponsive. That's because the whole of China is going into holiday mode. For the first week of May, everyone will stop working and take a well deserved break. For the rest of the world, that including you, will just have to be patient until the giant wakes up. I would have work for the week too, but they aren't going to be responsive so I might as well take a little break. You can still find me through email and live chat (good luck), as well as the "Your Orders" page, but I'll be a little slower in my response. Everything will be normal again come 4th May, so sit back and relax a little. Let the world's 3rd biggest economy have it's well deserved rest.

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 May 2009 12:28 )
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